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Our thoughts can be our #1 enemy.

If we’re not careful?

We begin to believe WE ARE our thoughts. That they are in full control of our destiny.

Most folks?

They think they must be motivated before they can start. That they need to feel courage. Confidence. The desire to act. However, chew on this thought…

What follows can change your life…
You know those massive Hot Air Balloons that float around in the sky, often at big events like the Super Bowl?


And oftentimes?

You’ll see a message plastered across the big blimp in bold letters.
You see it floating on past you. You can “observe and note” what it says, right?
But do you take those words too seriously?


It says what it needs to say…
And before you know it, the message has floated on by.
This is how we can FRAME our THOUGHTS.
We can observe them. We can take note. But we don’t have to take them so seriously.

In fact, we must not. We cannot!
They’re just thoughts!
Think about this…
…The wealthiest people on earth.
…World class athletes.
…Authors and Movie Producers.
…And everyone else you think has their mind “right”.

They ALL experience the same feelings we do.

Feelings to procrastinate. (Which is really just a mechanism to cope with stress.)
Feelings of not wanting to do it. Not being in the mood.
Feelings of doubt, regret, and fear.

The preference to want to sleep in, or plop down on the couch and watch Netflix, rather than producing value and perfecting their craft.
The ONLY difference… is they don’t take their thoughts so seriously.

They’ve taken OWNERSHIP of their life.

They’ve discovered that you can’t count on how you feel. But you CAN count on how you act.
And they recognize this success sequence:
Action doesn’t come after motivation. Motivation comes after action.

(That’s a writer-downer.)

You can INSTANTLY take ownership of your life as well. Right now.
You don’t have to change a thing about your thoughts. No motivation needed.
Thoughts don’t dictate results. They don’t make our dreams come true.

Action DOES.
Need to set-up a website? Don’t feel up to it tonight?

It’s fine to feel that way. Do it anyways.
Want to follow a plan to get to $10,000 a month and leave your job?
But don’t want to do the work? Rather play Candy Crush?

That’s fine. You don’t have to like it. You can hate it. Curse at it. And then do it anyways.

THAT is all that counts.
Hope this makes sense?
And I hope this is helpful?
Maybe even somewhat LIBERATING?
This is all coming straight from my heart!

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Open to testing the system out for yourself?

If your thoughts have been holding you back, I understand that. But now that you know…
How long are you willing to let them keep holding you back from living the life you deserve?
I’m rooting for you.

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Joseph Smith

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