How To Work Outside..

Steven is twenty-six-year-old graphic designer for a T-shirt printing company in Alaska.

And for the first time in his life, he is depressed.

His wife works as a nurse in the Navy, and that’s where she was deployed last fall, so he followed her up there.

At some point this winter, the Sun started rising right after he got to work and setting right after he left.

For all he is concerned, stuck inside most of the day, the Sun might just as well not exist.

(I can’t help but feel the dramatic irony as I write this in my front porch rocking chair.)

Not everyone lives with Steven in perpetual darkness, but being stuck inside all day isn’t healthy for anybody.

Choosing your own physical work space is just one benefit of starting your own online business with MTTB. But there are more:
– Setting hours that work for you
– Making as much money as you want—it’s up to you
– Trusting your product creation, sales, order fulfillment, and customer complaints to our veteran team—we’ve got your back
– Re-gaining a sense of ownership in your work

Come on out. Weather’s nice.

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Joseph Smith

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