Instagram Is Killing People !

Instagram is killing people.

Now, it isn’t Instagram’s fault—and it isn’t inherently evil—but the fact stands.

Almost all of us have some degree of insecurity, and many of us turn to social media either to prop ourselves up or feel bad that our lives aren’t as great as the people we follow.

It isn’t even the fault of the people who post pictures about how great their lives are—some of their lives are genuinely great.

Social media, and the Internet in general, are swimming with little images of ‘the good life’ and people sharing that ‘Yes, in fact, my life is good.’

But there’s something missing.

The goal of this letter is not just to show you a picture of a good life, but to invite you into one.

Some people you follow will only offer you images of their achievements in their work, romance, and recreational lives.

There is a life freer of financial stress, overbearing bosses, and b**chy coworkers—if you’ll pardon the French.

Getting a better job helps. Especially one with:
– Otherworldly vertical and horizontal support
– No income ceiling
– Meticulous training and space for independence plus a dedicated community

Remember, I’m not here to flaunt. I’m here to invite you.

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Joseph Smith

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