Not All Press Is Good Press

Not all press is good press.

We certainly learned this last week when Pepsi got lambasted for its racially naïve Kendall Jenner ad.

But we instantly forgot it when we got distracted by United, who lost $800 million after its snafu went viral.

The Internet may be unforgiving, but at least it has terrible problems with short-term memory. (It’s an inviolable law of PR: there is always a bigger idiot.)

Can you imagine all of the small- and mid-size companies whose smug sense of superiority turned into jealousy when they realized they’ll never get that kind of national exposure?

Not all press is good press, but no press is bad.

Getting noticed, and getting noticed for the right reasons, by the right market is a science.

And it’s a science which we have studied, contributed to, and teach.

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Joseph Smith

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