Four Steps To Five Stars

Do you know how to get referrals?

Most people will experience a move, a change in co-workers, or a change in job—or else their line of work depends on their getting good referrals.

William Rutherford has broken this mystery down into four simple steps.

Cover these four bases, and your clients will sing your praises to whoever they can get to listen:

– Show up on time.
– Do what you said.
– Finish what you start.
– Say “Thank you.”

In the professional world, that’s all people want.

Fail in any one of these areas, and no gimmick, creative flourish, or brown-nosing will save you.

Not only are these the habits that make the MTTB team so refreshing to work with, but our goal is to help you become this kind of person as well.

Whatever you do next—wherever you’re going—throw your lot in with us and become an e-business professional.

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Joseph Smith

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