Do This …And Never Call Out Fake Sick Again

Starting to work with MTTB is the perfect way to celebrate Easter season in the same vain as some of the major world religions.

Let’s be honest: eating chocolate eggs isn’t exactly ‘riddled with meaning.’

Jews celebrate the Passover by remembering their epic deliverance from slavery in Egypt.

Christians celebrate Easter by remembering the resurrection of their founder, Jesus, who frees his followers from ‘serving death’ by virtue of his resurrection.

Adherents to both religions find themselves grateful that God ‘knocked off’ their old boss and gave them a better one instead.

Although MTTB is unaffiliated with any major world religion, it certainly jives with one of the main themes:

Screw bad bosses—give us more life-giving work!

Imagine next Easter, when you can make this holiday more meaningful by celebrating your one-year anniversary of freedom from a boss who didn’t have your best interests in mind.

(And, there’s even better news: You won’t have to call in a false excuse to get the next day off work. It’s cool.)

We hope you’ll join us.

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Joseph Smith

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