This Is The Best Metaphor For The Internet

The Internet is a small apartment stuffed full of teenagers in business suits trying to get your attention.

They want you to start a free trial of this, half off your first box of that, three months free of … you get the picture.

And it can be a headache. A damn headache.

The reason it’s a headache is because we know that at least some of the things being advertised are good, even good for us.

But they can be annoying when they’re all smirking and winking at the same time.

Fact is, there are only two ways to get rid of the headache:
1. Never open your computer or walk outside.
2. Become content.

When you’re content, really content, the ads have no allure. When you are focused, fixed, and devoted in one direction, other ads look silly.

But when ads are alluring… it’s a sign that you want something that you don’t have.

And when you come across an ad like that, there are only two healthy ways to respond:
1. Unsubscribe.
2. Take it seriously.

Let me level with you.

If these emails don’t speak to something in you, unsubscribe. If they do, we need to talk.

Unless one of those two things happens, you’re going to perpetuate the headache that comes from being bombarded by ads.

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Joseph Smith

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