Salina Is A Firecraker Of Ecuadorian Pride

Salina is a live firecracker of Ecuadorian pride, with immaculate self-control.

She works at a bakery the next town over with the most obnoxious, young supervisor.

He’s less than half her age, and has less than half of her integrity.

According to Salina, he …
– doesn’t allow his employees bathroom breaks
– flirts with the younger girls and virtually ignores the older employees
– talks disparagingly about the older employees as if their quietness was a sign of indifference

The store’s franchise structure prevents her from registering a complaint that could be enforced against him.

And she doesn’t feel she’s in a position to find a new job. She says,

“I can’t find anything that works with my schedule to drive my boy to school in the mornings, and I don’t have the experience to get anything that pays better than a service job, so I think I’m stuck here.”

What do you think it takes to convince someone full of such fire and integrity that they have what it takes to make a better life for themselves?

That would make a great conversation—let’s talk about MTTB.

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Joseph Smith

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