Lauren Has Two Problems, And There’s One Solution

Lauren lives with her boyfriend and brother in Arizona, and she would like two things very much:

1. To get married.

But she and her long-time boyfriend have just finished expensive master’s degrees and their combined teaching salaries aren’t quite enough to fund a wedding.

2. To feel safe walking at night.

Her ideal living situation already isn’t ideal, but it isn’t even safe.

Their house has been broken into not once, but twice this past year. Because they can’t afford to move, they did the next most effective thing: adopt two big dogs.

She has her eyes set on a neighborhood 15 minutes west that they can’t quite afford to rent this year. She thinks that in a year or two, if she gets a promotion, they’ll be able to swing it.

But they might have to choose between a better neighborhood and getting married.

Money doesn’t solve all problems, but it solves some.

I wish, for Lauren’s sake, that she had a job that …
– Allows them to live wherever they can afford
– Has no income ceiling
– Allows her to work at night, and enjoy the outside during the day
– Gives her a chance to make money at night and on the weekends, to supplement her day job.

Which 2-3 problems could a job like this solve for you?



Joseph Smith

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