How To Break Out Of Novice-Hood

His clients were in t-shirts and jeans, but James was wearing a suit.

He is worried he over-dressed, and he’s worried about a few other things, too.

James just met with the co-owners of a wedding photography business in California, his first marketing consultancy client.

“I want to do a good job for them, but I don’t think they know how little I know about marketing.”

James is, by all counts, a novice. Still, he’s already made several major changes to the young business’ brand, expanded and integrated their web presence, and is hard at work making sure ‘the right people’ find them.

The business owners are paying $40/hour, and they are blown away by his work.

Here’s why.

James may be a novice, but he’s learned the one lesson he needed to break into the professional world:

Effective marketing isn’t magic; it’s a science.

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Joseph Smith

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