An Update On My Baking Hobby

If you read my email about chocolate cake the other day, you might be curious about how my new baking kick is going.

(He thought to himself, vainly)

Well, it’s going great.

This week, I made focaccia.

It’s one of the simplest breads—flour, water, oil, salt, and a pinch of yeast.

Before you stick it in the oven, you’re also allowed to press whatever the crap you want into it to give it flavor.

I had a bulb of garlic and some cherry tomatoes lying around, so I stuck them in.

Aaaaand it was pretty perfect.

And the best part is this: I now know how to make four more focacciae (?):
– Cinnamon sugar focaccia
– Barbecue chicken focaccia
– Pesto, asiago, pine nut focaccia
– Mushroom, pepper, and sundried tomato focaccia

Hell, I could make a ‘Froot Loop focaccia’ if I really wanted to.

What I’m getting at is this:

Once you get the basic idea, you can make an endless number of versions.

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Joseph Smith

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