My Facebook Is Covered With These Awful Ads

For whatever reason, probably because of my line of work, my Facebook page gets bombarded with self-help ads.

Greasy twenty-somethings who have read a couple books on business leadership and try to pass as consultants.

The Internet is slick with greasy millennials trying to juke the job market (and hard work) by posing as experts in fields they’ve never worked in.

And people fall for it.

Here is your three-step guide for sniffing out greaseball gurus. When you see their ads, ask yourself these three questions:

– Will it cost me?

Some posers lead with a “free trial,” collect your credit card info, and cross their fingers you don’t cancel your payment. Or they’ll charge you 99 cents.

A real opportunity with real value, costs SOMETHING up front.

– Will it work?

I’m talking proof. And this is the one hill I die on. If they cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their program will work for you, they don’t deserve a dime of your money.

The 21-step MTTB system is a results machine. “It works if you work it.” (Click below for dozens of success stories.)

– Are they wildly successful?

Who cares if they’ve been in business for 20 years, or if they’re the newest, hottest thing. The question you need to ask is, Are they getting steadily bigger?

MTTB has shelled out $20,000,000 plus in commissions since 2008.

Well, that’s the test. How did we do?

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Joseph Smith

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