This Guy Must Know Eight Languages

Earlier this month, someone threw a big, outdoor Cinco de Mayo festival.

Over the course of the weekend, several thousand people turned out.

The main strip was full of cheap carnival-in-a-box rides and gross food, so you wanted to make your way to the side streets because…

That’s where the good stuff is!

The local Mexican market put up a big tent and sold tacos, tamales, and tostadas to long lines of hangry locals, and their serving staff blew me away.

Enrique, a legal immigrant from Puebla, served two men before serving me, speaking each one’s native language.

Spanish to one, and Arabic to the other. (I don’t know Arabic, but the friend I was with recognized it.)

Then, he served me in English.

This young man had that magnetic glow about him that comes from speaking to customers in their own language.

(Smooooth segue)

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Joseph Smith

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