The Dark Side Of Leadership

In their book, Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership, Dr. Gary McIntosh and Dr. Samuel Rima present their research on why leaders burn out.

Fascinatingly, they’ve whittled it down to one main factor: job integrity.

Not moral failure, not too high a volume of work, not too much travel, not little enough pay…

They just never fit their job quite well enough to begin with.

It doesn’t help that lots of jobs have vague, underspecified lists of qualifications. Companies aren’t quite sure how to put into words just what kind of candidate they’re looking for.

Once they make a hire, the candidate is sometimes underqualified, sometimes overqualified, but often not satisfied.

So how on earth can we tell you, ‘We think you’d be a good fit for MTTB?’

Here’s how.

Unlike most jobs, we’re not going to stick you at a desk with a list of responsibilities. We know better than that.

It is our full-time job to take you from nervous noob-ness to completely confident competence as an online marketer.

We’re going to build your job with you, for you, and right alongside you.

We don’t need you—so we won’t breathe down your neck—but we’d love to share what we have with you.

If you want work that is designed to fit you, that will keep you from burning out, we need to talk.

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Joseph Smith

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