Open-Up If You Check Email More Than 5X A Day

Distracted? Overwhelmed? Too much on your plate and never enough time?

If you want to rapidly have more coins dropping in your piggy-bank?

You’ve got to address this Q…

Are you on the OFFENSE or DEFENSE?

…One causes lots of overwhelm.

…The other provides a LIFESTYLE.

Being on the defensive means feeling owned by your INBOX 24/7/365.

Always having to be ON.

Becoming victim to OTHER PEOPLE’S demands, needs, desires and dreams, over your own.

Being on the OFFENSE means having the time to think, to do what you want to do, to build what you want to build.

To invest in and grow in the relationships that you want.

Making sense?
See the need for escape from the defense?

My suggestion?

Build a CABIN around your business.

Here’s what I mean…
I was reading about a Silicon Valley investor who has been an early-stage investor in dozens of companies like…
Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Kickstarter, Twilio, and on and on and on…

Yet, far from Silicon Valley, he lives in a cabin out in the middle of the boondocks.

He considers that cabin one of his best investments EVER.

People love the mountains. Potential investors come to HIM. He’s building quality relationships and connections…
He’s traded-in mindless daily meetings, coffee-meetups, and late night social dinners he never wanted to go to in the first place!
Now, all the action happens at what he calls his “Jam Pad” and his “Jam Tub!”

(The hot tub out back.) 😊

So how you can profit wildly from all this?

Well, you DO NOT have to invest in a Cabin out in Tahoe backcountry.

Start by asking yourself this question:
What daily challenges have you assigned yourself? And which of those are you doing simply to please someone else?
(e.g. Your inbox is like a to-do list that anyone in the world can add an action item to.)


Build a “cabin-like” GETAWAY to protect yourself from each of them…
Picture yourself out in the woods, with a certain goal you have in mind…
And don’t let the distractions IN!

Making sense?

If you’ve set aside 7-9 PM three days a week to build up a side-business that could earn $1k to $5k+ a month?
Then lock yourself away in your “cabin” and don’t let email, FB, Instagram, or ANY distractions in your doors…
When you’ve got this extra time now to think, to build, to grow cool stuff?

Then your income, happiness, and life can start to grow and scale rapidly.

Hope this helps?

If you’d like an income model that will allow you to tuck yourself away in a cabin a few hours a day….
And turn that time into up to $1k to $10k paydays that’ll make your moms and pops, kiddos and spouse PROUD?

(And maybe a few friends will wonder what the heck you’re doing now…!)

Then I’d be honored if you checked this out and let me know what you think?

===> Yes! Show me the details to rolling in my own paydays up to $1k, $2k to $10k!



Joseph Smith

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