Cutcos’s Biggest Flaw

It’s Cutco season.

Young men and women are graduating from high school all across the country, and they’re taking part in what has become an American rite of passage:

The mysterious letter from a company called “Vector.”

What it is, of course, is a job offer for a door-to-door sales position.

Don’t get me wrong– I think it’s good for young people to test their mettle in door-to-door salies. It helps them develop individual initiative, persuasive articulacy, and resilience in rejection.

But after these young people put in hours and hours pounding the pavement, all they’re left with is a big, “Thank you for making us money!”

The central major difference between building a business in MTTB and selling Cutco knives for Vector is a completely different end game.

Vector will give you some paychecks.

MTTB will set you up with continuous passive income streams.

If two graduates stopped investing their time in Vector and MTTB, only one of them would still be collecting checks at the same time next year.

How does that sound?

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Joseph Smith

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