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I read every night before bed, and I recently thought to myself, “You know what sounds awesome? Reading by candlelight.”

So, I got things ready:
– I drew up a design
– Went out and bought the pieces of wood
– Checked to make sure I had the right drill bits
– Pulled out my handsaw
– Pulled some tea candles out of a box in the closet
– Checked the garage for my old whittling knife…

But I couldn’t find the whittling knife anywhere.

I checked the kitchen knife drawer, two closets, the garage, under the beds, and everywhere else I could think to, but I could not find my damn knife.

I promptly became frustrated and started to feel bad for myself.

(You know, like a healthy, productive person doesn’t do.)

There’s nothing like being all set to go on a new project, but missing the most important tools.

MTTB prides itself on knowing all the steps it takes to set up a consistent and reliable money-making system (a.k.a., a good business), and having all the right tools.

We have…
– a fool-proof 21-step system
– executive coaches
– a supportive community
– web design team
– product creation team
– phone sales team
– copy-writing team (glad to meet you, by the way!)
– order fulfillment team
– customer satisfaction team

All we’re missing is you.

You already have an idea of the good life, but you’ve been missing some key tools. We think we know where most of them are.

We’re usually right, and I think we’re right in your case as well.

If you think that may be true…

Click here.

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Joseph Smith

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