Wrinkle Wrinkle Crinkle Wrinkle

Folding the laundry is a time-sensitive chore.

The longer you wait to fold it… the wrinklier it gets.

(Wow, wrinklier is a hard word to say out loud. Try it!)

The wrinklier your laundry gets, the longer it takes to iron.

The longer it takes to iron, the more we put it off!

If you know you need to change jobs or increase your household’s income, it’s easy to keep putting it off.

Your motivation wrinkles.

And wrinkles.

And at some point, ironing it is just too hard, so you live with wrinkly motivation.

The way forward is not an easy one, and it looks different for different people, but the principle is straightforward:

At some point, you just have to flip the switch and get going on the work you know you have to do.

You just do it.

Tomorrow’s email will come, but your motivation will be even wrinklier.

So, while it’s still today, take 11 minutes to get started.

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Joseph Smith

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