Jane Austen’s Chick Flick And Your Job Hunt

I. Love. Pride and Prejudice.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s possible to say you love a book and only read it once.

I’m halfway through it for the fourth time, and my heart is breaking right now for Charlotte Lucas.

Charlotte, like the Bennett sisters, only has one realistic way into a happy life:

Marrying well.

Neither family is well-to-do, and none of these young women have the entitlement to property that the young men do.

Their harried mothers gussy them up and show them off at balls and other social gatherings where there might be men, in hopes of winning someone’s eye.

This is not entirely disagreeable to the girls — some of the men are real catches.

But other men are like Mr. Collins. Calculated, condescending, self-important, graceless Mr. Collins.

Not even the men like him very much.

But Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte and–poor Charlotte–is reminded that she cannot count on a second proposal from another man.

She cuts her losses, pockets her hopes, and says, “Yes.” Mr. Collins will have to do.

I’m not saying she was wise or foolish to decide what she did, and I know that women have more opportunities to provide for themselves today than in the time and place of the story.

But the tension is alive and well in the job market, for men and women both:

Do you give up your hopes and desires, your personality, for a “meh” job?

How long can you hold out, especially if you have loved ones to provide for?

Those are all hard questions, but we have a viable solution:

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Joseph Smith

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