Kelsey Shouldn’t Have Friended Her Boss On Facebook

This is why you should never ‘friend’ your boss on Facebook.

(Or maybe why you should.)

Kelsey got home at 1:20 am and made herself a snack.

She had been at work since 10:30 the previous morning, and she hadn’t had a break since dinner at 5.

You’re probably thinking “That’s illegal!” But Kelsey was working retail to save up for college, and she didn’t want to make waves by complaining.

Her manager had called in sick and told her last minute that she needed to stay until closing.

Fine. Kelsey’s responsible.

While her quesadilla was on the stove, Kelsey checked Facebook and saw a photo of her boss… at the beach. Not home sick.

Kelsey’s manager is like a lot of managers in mindset (maybe even yours):

“Actual work is exhausting. Getting promoted is a reward that translates to ‘less work for me.’ I love being a “manager.””

(Didn’t Michael Scott make this model popular?)

It’s incredible how many people are working for monkeys.

I’m sorry — and I’d like to help.

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Joseph Smith

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