We Don’t Hurt For Material…Conan

Conan O’Brien just got sued for joke theft.

This story is ridiculous on several levels.

First, that a national celebrity would feel the need to steal (and not cite) jokes from a no-name blogger.

This demonstrates a striking ingratitude for where he came from.

Second, that the court system actually has rules in place for determining the specific terms of intellectual property for jokes.

For the courts to consider an idea a “joke,” it must contain the three parts specified in the legalese… (Google it!)

Third, that Conan can’t rely on a farm of content-writers whose creativity and precision supply him with more than he could ever need.

At MTTB, our team members never hurt for material.

We don’t hire comedians, geniuses, or marketing whizzes.

We do all that for you.

(Imagine being back in junior high and having a Yale professor write your book reports.)

All we expect from our business owners is the work we directly train them to do ourselves–we supply the rest.

Work with MTTB and never be tempted to steal again.

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Joseph Smith

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