This Blogging Mom Had A No Good Day

This blogging mom had a no good day.

Her words:

Today, my dog was diagnosed with a torn ACL. This costs $1500-$2500 to treat. Three months ago, he had heart worms. That cost $1400 to treat.

I adopted this dog from a shelter four months ago to help. I just feel more stressed and anxious.

We can say that the world is working right when people who do good have good done to them.

Call it providence, or karma, or the law of averages…

The world is a more pleasant place when ‘that force’ has its way, and a more annoying place when it doesn’t.

People lose hope in the idea that doing good yields good results, and so people have less incentive to do good.

Businesses are micro-economies.

They are places that–if run the right way–reward good work and punish bad work, so that their workers grow up with incentive to become better and better people, whatever is going on in the economy at large.

MTTB hopes to be such a micro-economy:

Follow the 21-steps we’ve hammered out, and that will pretty quickly set up a reliable and consistent monthly commission in the $1000s, $5000s, or $9000s.

No ceiling. No internal competition.

Just justice.

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