Easy Button VS. Reality Button

I’d prefer sticking to what works in getting to $10K plus months…

Ever remodeled a room in your house?

Like the kitchen?

It usually gets messy, dusty, downright chaotic in the early stages of the remodel, doesn’t it?


We EXPECT THAT to happen.

We know it’s a part of the process.

We willingly signed up for this…

After weeks or months of slapping up paint samples on the walls, adding in counters and cabinets and the like?


You stand back.
Looking at your masterpiece.

May even draw you to tears as you’re looking at the finished product. It was aaaaaaaall worth it.

True, it would’ve been nice to just hit an EASY BUTTON, and wham bam!

…The kitchen remodel is complete.
Doesn’t happen like that, does it?
Stuff happens.
Unexpected things creep up.

That’s reality. And I don’t know about you…? But I like to deal with REALITY.

Now, many people hop online and want an easy button for every piece of getting an amazing business like this up and off the ground.

I get it.
Easy always, sounds awesome.
Yet it’s not REALITY.
Making sense?
If you can come into this game viewing it like a Kitchen Remodel… that you KNOW can get messy from time to time?

And you know it’s 100% worth it because of the end result you’re after.

What the “remodel” will look and feel like to you when you’re seeing those results flowing in to your life?

Then… you can begin.
You’ll start.
You’ll adjust when you need to.
Because it’s WORTH IT.
Because you signed up for this.

I’m feeling you’re the type of person that can handle the truth and doesn’t mind a little messy to get to a lot of awesome?

I can’t 100% say how easy or hard this will be for you…

But only having to focus on #1 thing sure makes things a lot easier and simpler to me…


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Joseph Smith

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