Why How-To Doesn’t Put Food On Table

He’s bought a few courses, yet he’s just watching others doing it and getting all the results…

There’s a big crowd of people online called….

Sedated Success Spectators

They have the tendency to Buy. To watch others. And to do nothing themselves…

Searching high and dry for the perfect “HOW-TO” miracle that’ll hand them the result they’re after.

The reality of WHAT IS?
You never lack the how-to.
Most are lacking the ACTIVE, functional WANT-TO.
Achievement is about movement, not rumination.
A boy doesn’t want to clean his room. You wouldn’t give him a How To Clean Your Room manual.

The problem is the WANT-TO.

Making sense?
If someone came up to you and said they’d give you $1 million if you’d add 100 people to your email list in the next 30 days…
Or if you’d put up one FB Ad to drive leads to your website…

Or if you’d create an irresistible offer and tell at least 25 people about it…

Think you could do it?
For a million bucks?

I think we’d all find a way, right?

So it’s all about want-to.
Do we want it bad enough?

Will we CHOOSE to take action?
Or will we choose to remain on the sidelines?

It always boils down to the choices we make, and the actions we can take.

Asking yourself that million-dollar question whenever you’re stuck on doing something, can REALLY help put things into perspective!

To see… either I choose to get it done. Or I choose not to.

And it’s these choices that puts us in the exact spot we’re currently at in

our lives.
We choose.
We decide.
Isn’t live grand? 🙂

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It’s already paid out millions in commissions to teachers, retirees, students, folks from all walks of life.

So it WORKS and works WELL.

But you’ll have to CHOOSE whether to invest, go through the system, and let it work for you or not…

As always, the ball’s in your court.

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Joseph Smith

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