If Money Doesn’t Hang Around You For Very Long

Seems like money flows only to the wealthy and the lucky? Apply this FRAME to your life asap, if you want the lifestyle they have…

Would you say that money is exciting and adventurous?

In reality?
Money just sits there!
It’s boring really. We rarely make $100, then spread out all the $20, $10, and $5 bills over the table and admire all those little faces…

Most of the time, it’s in the bank and we don’t even ever see it!

Money doesn’t think, feel, know, care.
It doesn’t play favourites.
It’s just a piece of paper.
A little gold bullion.
A piece of metal.
What matters?
It’s the STORY we attach to it.

The “story” of how money will thrill us, serve us, or scare us. The story about what money is doing, what it is going to do…

The HEAVENS and HELLS money can bring our way…
Without our stories?
It’s not personal.
And THAT is so powerful for us.

Because it means we can focus on doing what we love doing.
Adding value to others, and making as much as we want along the way, without all the story and pains attached…

You are no longer a victim to money, or your STORIES about money. And this puts you in FULL CONTROL of your happiness AND finances.
Making sense?
Truly hope this helps!
I say this, in part, because this whole “money-making” journey can be FUN and very rewarding, in every way…

This business is so enthralling and lucrative when approached this way!
And most just don’t get it.
When you’re ready…
I’m here…

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Joseph Smith

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