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Is THIS holding you back severely…?

The kids were huddled over behind the bleachers, puking their eyeballs out…

All in response to the announcement that just aired over the P.A. system at their local High School Football game…


People in every nook and cranny of the stadium were acting sickly, holding their stomachs, wrenching in pain…
Even to the point of throwing up.
Until a few minutes later…
When they’d discovered that it wasn’t the COKE machine…

A few had got sick eating at a local dive, just before they sat their hineys down on the bleachers to cheer on their friends and family.

What was the one thing REAL here??
What was the real PROBLEM?

WORDS are what got those people sick.
Words they heard and chose to believe.
Words are what get MOST people sick.

It’s what keeps most people stuck in unfulfilling careers, and not living up to their full potential!
Here’s what I mean…
These words screamed out powerfully over the P.A. system…

Yet everyday…
Words like these are accepted as REAL as they scream through people’s MINDS.

And most often?
They’re taken as TRUTH.
And people are greatly affected by it.
“You can’t do this!”
“Why even try?!”
“You’re not good enough!”
“I call B.S. on your plans!”

Sometimes these words in our minds are spurred on by our childhood. Other times, it’s just our smaller selves trying to stay “safe”.

My message in today’s note is to simply recognize the POWER of words, and that YOU can dictate how you react to them.

Are they truth?
Or just THOUGHTS to acknowledge?

I try to view them like one of those huge Good Year Blimps that adorns the sky often during some big sporting event.

Often it drags a banner behind them.

Picture the banner with the thoughts you’re having plastered across it…

I can look at the message (My thoughts).

Acknowledge it. And then go about doing what it was I set out to do…

Pretty soon, the blimp and banner and thoughts are out of my sight and mind…

The takeaway?
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Joseph Smith

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