The Easiest Way To Wealth

Just don’t botch this up, like 99% do…

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You ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

In it, Kiyosaki lays out something he calls the Cashflow Quadrant.

Remember that?

He says that the quicker you can get through the 4 quadrants, the faster you’ll get to true wealth…

…Quadrant 1 is Employee.

…Quadrant 2 is Self-Employed.

…Quadrant 3 is Business Owner.

…Quadrant 4 is when you’re an Investor.


Investor doesn’t mean you have to trade stocks and bonds for a living!

It can mean you’re investing in your own skills and business too!

Interestingly, most people that say they’re “entrepreneurs” are broke.

Folks that label themselves as investors, actually do very well for themselves.

Think of yourself as an investor from this day forward.

Now, there’s not a lot of step-by-step out there to take you A-Z from employee to investor.

Or from retired, to wealthy, free, and in full control of your life…

Low and behold, when someone DOES find something wonderful to follow?

They try to innovate.
To make it better.

Here’s what I’d love for you to get in today’s note:

DO NOT try to pioneer as you’re piggybacking something that actually works.

Pioneers are usually the ones that are lying face down in the dirt, with arrows in their backs.

Know that if you’re modeling what works?

They’ve likely got 30, 40, 50, 100s of employees.
They’ve tested every way under the sun of what’s working.

All you have to do is MODEL what they’re doing. No creativity, no innovation, no “improving” on what’s already working required on your part…

Just MODEL what’s working!

Making sense?

Could it be that easy.
Yes. Yes it can be.

Open to that?

Not sure if THIS is your thing or not, but it’s paying out millions and millions to its partners. No reason to make it complicated!

Just follow the SAME 21 steps and you can get similar results! Up to $10k and beyond paydays rolling your way like clockwork.

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Joseph Smith

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