The Wake Of Your Past Can Hurt…The Future Can Be New

If your life is filled with too many ifs, ands, and buts…

Imagine blue ocean water, just beyond a sandy, pristine beach, fit for the opening scene of Baywatch…

Out on the ocean is a boat gliding over the water effortlessly.

If you look behind the boat?

It’s not David Hasseloff.

No, you see its wake.

The waves caused by what all the boat has DONE.

The WAKE doesn’t CARE what the boat OR the driver of the boat has done. It just shows the “results” of all the twists and turns and decisions the boat and driver have been making..


There’s two wakes WE leave behind…

One, is the results we’ve been generating.

It can show sales or struggle. Action or procrastination. Successes or losses. Broke or well-off. Promoted or fired. Admired or loathed.


It doesn’t care about excuses. Results are results. The wake will SHOW it all to us and others.

The other side of the wake is the people we love and care about and come into contact with on a daily basis.

Are they behind the boat surfing and tubing and laughing? Are they enriched by having us in their lives?

Or, are they shark bait? Chum? Out behind the boat bleeding and crying and hurting as a result of how we’re living, day by day?

Again, the wake doesn’t care about excuses, circumstances, or anything else.

The wake doesn’t care if we couldn’t toss the ball in the backyard with our son for a few minutes because of work deadlines…

The wake doesn’t care if we missed another dance recital of our daughter, niece, or granddaughter…

The wake doesn’t care if date nights with our spouse remain a “plan” yet rarely are a reality…

It simply is showing us WHAT IS.

Not sure if you relate at all?

I don’t know…

I find this incredibly powerful to think about.

Some of this comes down to how we decide to live our day to day life, no doubt about it.

Other parts of it? Comes down to us living life in full integrity and alignment with our “true” selves.

Making sense here?
What wake are we leaving behind?

Truly a great question to ponder over for a minute or three…

Not sure if you’re open to it?

Yet I’ve discovered that when you have more time, and more income? That it gives you more “breathing room” to making more of the right daily decisions in alignment with who you are.

And it gives you more time and freedom to be spending quality time with those who you love and care about dearly.

Leaving a wake behind that you’re proud of!

Open to hearing more?

===> YES! Going here right now.

Right now, there’s a few new students being accepted to going through these 21 Steps and getting personal coaching to helping them start down this path, sooner rather than later!

Coming straight from my heart.



Joseph Smith

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