Must You Hit Rock-Bottom To Change?

What will it take to start? $0 bank balance?
Hurt relationships? Learning from others….

I’ve read at least fifty-eleven books where a now millionaire, or billionaire, first hit rock bottom before they finally started seeing the major breakthroughs in their lives.

Have you noticed this too?

Here’s what’s interesting…

Did their circumstances for wealth get better?

No! They got much worse.

What changed was THEM. They got fed up!

They decided once and for all, that they would find something and STICK to it…

This tells us…

…You don’t have to hit rock bottom.

…You don’t have to wait till your back is against the wall.

You simply have to align yourself with what you want and DO what WORKS.

Change happens in an instant. With ACTION.

Hope this helps.

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Joseph Smith

PS Don’t wait till the day you may hit rock bottom. Maybe that day will never come, and you just settle. Or it comes, and you’re riddled with stress… Just align yourself with THIS… and make it happen today… In your corner.

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