She Realized No On’s Coming !

Waiting to be picked? To win? Is whatever life sends your way, good or bad, OK?

We live in a culture that gets us to buy into our INNER DOUBTS…

A culture of waiting to BE PICKED.

…To be WON.

What’s the difference then from those that remain a cog in the wheel, and those that break free and succeed?

Check out this quote from the Wizard of Oz movie…

“And yes, of course, it’s true Dorothy, you’ve had the slippers on your feet all along, haven’t you?”

The difference?

It’s in our ACTIONS.

Dorothy decided that the MISSION was more important than the noise chattering around in her head 24/7/365…

She stands up, makes bold choices, despite her fears. Despite her thoughts.

And sometimes BECAUSE of them…

Her ACTION seems magical.
Yet it’s in all of us.

It’s in YOU.

Embracing freedom means we don’t wait.

We stand up, and make choices everyday, because it’s our life to run, no others…

Make sense?

Hope this helps out!

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Gotta run.

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Joseph Smith

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