Save Hours And Hours, Yet Skyrockets Your Income?

If there’s never enough time left in the day…

There was a little digital training released earlier this year, under $100, yet promised to save hours and hours of work time each week…

Different “hacks” to bring in more revenue, no more late nights working, helping you get stuff done, much much easier.

Was subtitled something like: Scientist-Verified “Big Bangs” for your best year ever.


One of the big takeaways there was this strategy by Richard Koch, the guy that really brought the 80/20 methods to light.

80/20 is basically, 80% of results come from 20% of our efforts.

80% of sales comes from 20% of your customers. Etc. etc….

Now last I checked, he’s worth over $373 million.

Not too shabby!

Yet get this, his income goes up up up every year, but he works very little in actual HOURS on the J-O-B.

Here’s in part how he does it, and why I wanted to share this note with you today…

Say it’s Monday morning, Richard has written down the most important thing he needs to get done that week.

The thing that will have the greatest impact on his income and life.

Just one thing.

And he does NOTHING ELSE until that is done.

He tackles IT ALONE.

Sometimes he’s done before NOON.

Other times, may take him till 2:00-3:00.

But then he’s done, for the week!

Imagine, it’s early Monday afternoon, and your most urgent thing for the entire week is complete. No worrying, stressing, procrastinating over it. It’s just done.

Nice, right?

The rest of the time, he’s writing books, doing other things he enjoys and keeps involved in.

My first thought was, yeah, he’s on a different level than me. I can’t do just “one thing” and be done for the week!

But I realized, it’s the PRINCIPLE that is so, so powerful here.


For example…

What if you have 2 hours a day to work on your internet lifestyle business?

And your #1 needle-mover task you’ve determined, is to set-up an FB Ad this week, and start out at a $5 a day budget… so you can tweak your numbers etc. to getting it profitable…

See how the principle comes into play within that 2 hour window?

It means no email, no social media, no reading or watching videos, no YouTube, no doing anything else except that one needle-mover activity!

That’s it! Just tackle it with pig-headed determination…

Massive opportunity lies in this strategy!

Of course, the power is in implementing it.

Cool cool stuff, right?

Have to run, but just a heads up?

This is one reason I love this 21 Step System so much…

It’s based all around doing the “few things” that are the most important to bringing in the highest possible profits to you…

And letting others do all the rest, so we can chill and have an actual lifestyle and all. 🙂

If you’re interested…

===> Check this out ASAP…



Joseph Smith
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