Find Selling Sleazy? Try Mike’s Tip

Making sales is easy when you make this one shift in perspective… Read Mike’s motto…

There’s a popular TV show called American Pickers. Two hometown boys travel the US, scavenging through dusty barns and dark attics unearthing lost gems.

I love Mike’s motto, one of the founders and stars of the show…

“My motto in life is to find things, and put them in their right place.”

This keeps his work rewarding, profitable, and always ethical.

Here’s how…

He may find a vintage motorcycle, just gathering dust in someone’s garage year after year…

That motorcycle has a soul-mate out there somewhere. And he views it as his job, to pick that item, and connect it with the person that it was meant to be with.

It’s NOT all about the “dollars” to him. The dollars are only a side-effect to something much bigger.

Beautiful way to go about business, right?

In this little world of online business, the same thing applies, in my humble but accurate opinion.

There are good folks out there, and their dreams, their hopes, their ideal life they want to be experiencing?

It’s gathering dust in a basement. And they don’t see a way out of the j-o-b so they can go dust their dreams off and make them alive again!

If you have a “vehicle” that can help them out, and be of VALUE to them?

Then it’s not even selling anymore…

Like Mike, it’s having something of value to someone, and finding the perfect home for it.

No forcing.
No manipulation needed.

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Joseph Smith

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