Hey ‘What’s The Best Traffic Source

Without somewhere to fish for leads, big paydays can’t get reeled in…


The nuts and bolts of building a $100k plus business online isn’t too complicated…

*You need a solid offer that solves a big problem. An offer that people will want to buy.

*You need to be able to find an audience of “targeted” people to talk to, add value to, and position your offer to.

*And, you need to sell it at a price where you’re making a nice profit after all of your expenses come in. (Shouldn’t be much. Grow your expenses WITH your profits as they are coming in.)

Step 1: Traffic.

Folks always want to know what’s the best traffic source out there right now.

FB Ads are great. YT advertising is good. Others are using Google, SEO, Instagram, Solo Ads and Banner Ads.

The point is…

They ALL can work for you.

The place you’re advertising is just the HAMMER you’ll be using to generate leads.

They’re a tool.

What matters is how you’re swinging the hammer, and what nails you’re hitting.

Here’s what I mean…

If you’re selling protein powder to help bodybuilders pack another 25lb. of veiny beef to their slicked up bods…

…And then you hop on FB, and place an ad that’s targeting new mothers looking to drop their baby weight?

You probably will generate approximately ZERO sales.

But you can’t blame the “hammer”, right?

There was simply a mismatch in the targeting here.

Making sense?

Whatever you decide to focus on…

Match your MESSAGE to your ideal MARKET, and you’ll be good to go from there!


Better yet, focus on the way you would LIKE to communicate with your market.

If you like to write, maybe FB Ads, or Solo Ads could be your gig.

If you like to get in front of the camera? Then why not focus on YT Ads and FB Video?

Many of the top income earners I know of, all use different “hammers” to generate incredible incomes and lifestyles.

That’s why…

As you progress through This 21 Step System… you’ll discover how to make any of these methods work…

Straight from the top earners mouths, as you’ll be looking over their shoulders and seeing exactly how they’re getting traffic, leads and sales rolling in like clockwork.

===> YES! I want to earn BIG PAYDAYS and generate quality traffic that’s the perfect fit for me!



Joseph Smith

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