Is More Information The Answer?

Know what you need to do? Just need that “one more thing” to actually do it? Try this…

Derek Sivers, an author and entrepreneur that sold his company, CD Baby for $22 million and then gave away all the proceeds to charity, dishes out this sage advice:

“If more information was the answer, then we would all be billionaires with perfect abs.”
The cure-all?

It’s not what you know, it’s what you DO consistently.

Knowledge is good. In fact, Derek himself is a voracious reader and puts out reviews on what he reads. But where the “results” happen is AFTER the knowledge.

At the DOING piece of the puzzle.

Some get their fulfillment in reading. Learning.
That’s false fulfillment! What did that information “really” DO for you?

Again, as Derek says, it’s what you do consistently that matters.
Then, your successes and actions start piling on top of each other, and you’re unstoppable.

Notice these “doing” contrasts:

Empowering: What I LIVE.
Disempowering: What I know.

Empowering: Choose to.
Disempowering: Want to.

Empowering: Creating.
Disempowering: Waiting.

Empowering: Project.
Disempowering: Dream.

Empowering: Must.
Disempowering: Should.

Powerful things to ponder on for a minute or three to see what state of mind and life we’re living in, right?

Everything we want is always right on the other side of just doing it.

Hope this helps.



Joseph Smith

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