Overwhelmed? Stuck On To-Do’s ?

If you’re business isn’t growing fast enough?
His spouse was telling him to call it quits…

I know of a guy that was stuck at making $4,000 per month in his business. That wasn’t enough for what he and his family needed to get by.

In fact, he was miserable. He couldn’t afford things he wanted. And his wife was getting fed up, urging him to go out and get a “real job”.

Nothing hurts more than when your spouse starts doubting you. Mocking you.
Threatening to chunk your computer out the window…

Shoulders slumped, in tears, he knew he couldn’t blame her. Not one bit.

After this “conversation” things quickly changed. He made some investments in himself and his business.

More than he could rightly afford.

He said the coaching and the “tactics” helped him for sure, but what really made things start clicking into place?

These large investments he made, and the support he was getting, made him UPGRADE his COMMITMENTS to match his upgraded investment in himself.

Interesting, right?

He stopped dabbling.
He stopped spraying.

He got committed to his tasks and his big WHY he was doing this in the first place.


Most are frustrated, tired, overwhelmed… not by having too much to do, but by tackling the same problem over and over and over again.

Making sense?

e.g. Setting up a landing page to collect leads can be done in an hour or two, for a beginner.

You can set up a FB Ad with a $5-$10 a day budget to send targeted traffic to your page, in less than an hour.

But coming at that SAME task over and over again, and not ever actually doing it? That’s when “Heartbreak Hotel” starts playing…

The task gets amplified.

It gets bigger and bigger than it really is.
Which is just a simple task to figure out and get done in one evening.

But get committed to the TASK at hand…

And that’s when things start to change.

And after he got committed?

Within 9 months, he was making over $40k per month.
From $4k to $40K. And his earnings have only skyrocketed since then.

You can do the same.
Starting from wherever you’re at.

If others can do it, know that you can too.

Just focus on the task. at. hand.
And let commitment drive you.

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Joseph Smith

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