Laptop Lifestyle vs…Job

Without keeping this clear in mind, you’re ideal lifestyle may escape your reach…

There’s a huge difference between having a Kitchen Table or Laptop Lifestyle business…

…And just running an internet business.

Sounds like virtually the same thing, but the impact here is massive.

To distinguish the two, and to make sure you’re on the right path, the greatest tool you may have is to discover your WHY.

And to reexamine that WHY, many times every day.

Your “why” will then act like windshield wipers that keeps you focused, and makes sure you’re clearly travelling on the right road you want to be driving on.

Here’s what I mean…

WHY do you want to build a side-business online?

To work less? Travel more? Work from home? Earn passive income? Have plenty of time for your friends and family?

To be able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection? To live life on your terms?

These all really fit into a kitchen table/laptop lifestyle type of business. So you would want to design your business AROUND your WHY.

(And I’d go into deep detail here. e.g.Not, travel more. But, live in Paris Oct. thru Dec. And live in Costa Rica on the beach in the Summer. Or, to take my kid to the park every afternoon. Whatever it is for you. Know your why, in detail. )

The warning here is thinking “online business” fits into this category. This can be true, but ONLY if you design it that way!

You really want to make decisions that keeps your business lean, and your lifestyle free.

Otherwise, this business can easily keep you busy enough with all the newest trends, and updates, and work you can always take with you, where you’re working 8,10, 12 plus hours a day!

I love, love, love this business. Just make sure you keep your “why” bright and clear, and that you keep this business lean, simple, and profitable, all without risking your freedom and lifestyle…

Hope this helps!

Not sure where you’re at right now? But I love the freedom The Dot Com Lifestyle brings me.

As soon as you’ve started, you’re able to leverage other people’s efforts. You focus on a few small but rewarding tasks each day, and this can land you up to $1,250, $3,300, and $5,500 sales!

I don’t know of a better way right now to reach the Kitchen Table/ Laptop Lifestyle than by using this step-by-step system that people from all walks of life are succeeding with, left and right…

===>YES! I’m ready to live the Laptop Lifestyle!



Joseph Smith

PS Feel free to check out some of the Case Studies on the page before you get started. You’ll be able to meet and get training from many of these fine folks inside our private FB Support Group and inside your members-area. 🙂

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