Was Setting Himself Up For Failure, Until This

Tiny hinges move large doors! Why small results matter, more than you may know…

Imagine every single meal you’ve ever had, you’ve expected it to be the BEST meal you will have ever have.

Think that might set yourself up for letdown?

And, isn’t it nice to have a meal with modest expectations, and then to be very pleasantly surprised when it is world class?

Those pleasant little surprises makes life great, don’t they?

Here’s what I’m getting at in today’s note…

It’s easy to get into a business, and expect the highest expectations and hopes, right from day one.

*Expecting a FB ad on day one to bring you a flood of sales.

*Wanting your video to go viral and bring in 7,431,67 views within days. Making you an instant web celebrity.

*To send out an email and get 1 out of every 2 people to buy from your list of 1,000s.

True, these things CAN happen.

But my advice?

Lower Your Standards.

Run an ad and be happy with your first sale.
Be content with the 50 new leads it’s given you to build a relationship with.

Be thrilled 17 people watched your new YouTube video in its first week up.

This helps you avoid letdown, work in REALITY, and it allows you to grin ear to ear when the Big Results DO come swinging your way.

And they will, if you stay charted on course.

In your corner.



Joseph Smith

PS Ironically enough, the 21-step system that you likely know I run my business from? It is BUILT to where all you focus on is hitting these base hits, over trying to swing for the bleachers.
Little steady hits turns into big commissions over here. Makes things much easier to run…

===> YES! Gimme the system that allows me to take small daily actions that leads into big ticket sales up to $1,250, $3,300, and $5,500!

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