(Save This) 4P Selling Formula

Focusing on this can transform your biz…

Want an extremely powerful little method to sell more of anything? Works incredibly well with digital products!

Just remember the 4 P’s:

1- Problem. (What’s a big problem in your marketplace?)
e.g. Got heel spurs?

1-b Advanced tip: What’s a “SYMPTOM” of heel spurs, or their problem. e.g. Sore feet?
You may want to start there!

2- Promise. Give a promise you can solve their problem! (The more unique the better!)
e.g. New herbs reduce or remove heel spurs in 30 days or less.

3- Proof. Give proof or evidence it’ll work. Folks are skeptical. (Can be through the form of a testimonial, a guarantee, through demonstration, etc.)
e.g. Your heel spurs will disappear in 30 daysor you can have all your money back. 11,500 people healed of heel spurs so far.

4- Price. Ask for the sale. People want to be led. Spell out for them how they can buy.
e.g. If you don’t take care of those heel spurs today, where will you be tomorrow? Order our special herbs right now for only $19.95.

And, for good measure…

I’ll through in a fifth way.

5- Powerful-bonuses. This is powerful if you’re not the only one selling an offer. Make buying from you the no-brainer choice.

e.g. Buy today and you’ll get X, and Y, and Z. (The best bonuses fill-in any missing pieces the core offer may not have included in it.)

Hope this helps!

Gotta run.

Couple what I’ve laid out for you above, with the business MODEL in the link below, and you may have a 6-7 figure business quickly in your hands…

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Joseph Smith

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