Got Your First Sale! Feels Great, Right?

Economies messes nearly everyone up…

Getting your 1st sale online is great. Nothing like it. Lets you know the potential that’s ahead of you, right?

Getting your first SCALE is even better.

Here’s what I mean…

Imagine there’s a boutique Etsy store owner that’s making wonderful organic soaps.

She’s got her first few sales in, and she’s getting excited. However, it’s not enough for her to quit her job and get out from under her debts.

She cries nearly every time she has to drop her kid off at pre-K for someone else to care after them. Her kid usually is bravely tearing up too, as her mom drives off…

She needs to sell more soap!

In comes the beauty of “the economy” of a business.

If she starts running advertising, targeting health conscious mothers who hate chemicals and non-organic goods, she’s off to a good start.

However, it’s costing her $20 to get one customer, spending just $10 on one bar of her soap.

She’s getting nowhere fast…

If she can keep getting new first time buyers for $20, what else can she do?

What if she only in sold 3-packs? At a discount, $25 instead of $30 for three? And then she offered something like an all-natural, wonderfully scented laundry detergent for $20?

Maybe she added in a unique ingredient to her soap, smoothes the skin like none other, even reduces the fine lines and makes you look 10 years younger within weeks? Sells for $75 like hotcakes.


She’s making $10 to $50+ per sale.

If she has a big enough audience, she’s got her first SCALE! She can invest a $1000 into her ads, And may get up to $2k to $3k back in ROI.

Cool, right?

That’s the power of figuring out the economy of your business. Looking at if and how you can scale up your business and daily profits.

And usually?

Offering higher priced, higher valued offers and services is what does the trick.

What’ll you offer?

That’s up to you.

Yet, you could offer this…

Can get you up to over $10,000 per customer on the backend. And THAT is how you can properly scale, without a lot of extra effort, if you’re open to it?

Plus, you’re offering amazing value and services to others! One more tip: People are searching for the best, the premium offers that can increase the results they’re after in their lives.

They don’t want the Honda.
They want the Benz.

They’ll either get that from you and I. Or, if we do not offer that? They’ll run off and go get it from someone else.


===> If you’re ready to be able to scale your profits and help others out in the process…



Joseph Smith

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