Fastest Way To 6-Figure Income?

There’s a right way to model, and an easier way to build a lucrative lifestyle business…

Quick tip on modeling success…

Came across a nice insight recently. It’s popular advice, that you should be modeling what other’s are doing, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Usually, that’s good advice.

However, what many people do is try to IMPROVE on what’s already working for others.

And that can be a big mistake.

Here’s why…

Take online business for example. If you were to model a company, and hope to get similar results, you’d be modeling a very successful company, right?

This means that they likely have a huge staff. They have some of the best writers in the world on their payroll.

They’ve tweaked and tested prices, funnels, offers, optimized everything, etc. etc. etc. out the wazoo…

And they’re doing this all with a massive budget. Usually playing and doing biz at a much higher level than most of us are at present.

And they’ve likely been doing this process FOR YEARS.

Your “tweaks” to make it better?

That could be the one thing they’ve already tested out. And it turns out to screw the whole business model up. Killing the profits.

The point?

At the beginning…

If you’re going to model. MODEL.

Don’t try to “one up” the big guys.

But, that makes things much easier, right?

And, this may be even better…

Rather than model, better yet if you can JOIN THEM?

Simply tap into their powerhouse of a business?

This makes things much easier. You’re learning from the inside, everything is already done and set up for you.

And after you’ve brought in your first 6-figures and you’re free, you can always stop for a beat and examine what move you want to make next…

Hope this helps.

There’s not a lot of unique opportunities out there like this, but I do have one for you today.

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Joseph Smith

PS Working with a successful company like this also means that they’ve got the bandwidth to fully support you every step of the way. So, you’re also getting a coach to help you get going and get your first sale, ASAP. 

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