Is Push Button Profits Real ?

Is online income as simple as that?

Imagine the scene, and then tell me if this seems too good to be true to you…

He wakes up to no alarm clock and stretches his arms out, yawning as he struts out of bed.

After pouring a cup of steaming hot coffee, he walks into his home office, still in his comfy pajamas, unshaven, happy, smiling.

Some days, he works from home. Other days, he grabs his laptop and “works” from his favorite coffee shop around the corner, or while traveling and on extended vacation.

As he sits down at his computer, he types out a few words, and then he simply PUSHES A BUTTON…

Over the next few hours and days, it’s like magic…

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars start flooding in… He even earns multiple thousands a day at times, yes, from simply pushing a button.

Life is good.


What you may often hear advertised online is “push button” profits.

Is this all B.S.?
Too good to be true?

Not at all.

It’s just not the only piece of the puzzle. It’s just the sexy part that’s most often touted among the gurus…

What gets you there is the setup. Building the machine first.

Think about it…

You can push a button, and a rocket shoots off into outer space. You can push a button, and a machine magically heats up your food.

You can push a button on a TV Remote, and a world of entertainment is at your fingertips in a snap.


What makes all this POSSIBLE is the “machine” was built first.

Making sense?

Set up your marketing machine. Your online machine for profits? And you can have a set up like this too. A set up, any way you want.

You have two options:

You can go out and build the machine yourself.
And that’s totally okay. Just be prepared to do a lot of work as you’re building your “rocket”.

Lots of nuts and bolts to put together.


You can harness the power of leverage.

You can use a machine somebody else has already built and that works like a charm.

It’s the difference between building your own car, and going to the dealership and driving off in something already built and ready to go.

Either way can work.

Just depends on how much time, focus, and skill you have to start building.

If you’re ready to go now, and want to be 100 steps closer to pushing a button and living an incredibly lucrative lifestyle, built on your terms, then go here ASAP…

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Joseph Smith

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