3 Steps Great Online Income

If zero up to ten grand months sounds good…

There’s 3 steps you’ll want to try to stick to, if you’re after a solid and stable income online:

1- Find a starving crowd.
2- Get yourself in front of that crowd.
3- KEEP yourself planted in front of them.

The Big 3 areas online are health, wealth and relationships. However those are far too wide.

We have to narrow in our focus quite a bit more.

And today’s note is all about one of the best ways to pull this off.

It’s by focusing on what has a person’s greatest mind share, and talking to THAT part of the market.

What’s constantly on a person’s mind? What problems are they facing? So bad, they go to sleep and wake up thinking about them?

What’s the fire’s blazing in their life right now?

For example…

If you were in the relationship market, you don’t want to sell to happy couples, likely?

But what if they “were” happy, but now they’re going through a breakup or a divorce that they don’t want?

What if they just had “the conversation?”

What if they just received a text:


Mind share?

And there’s a lot of topics you can talk about that around this mind share problem.

In the wealth space, maybe a person just got laid off, maybe they just hopped on a plane for another work trip away from their family… (e.g. Bob was tired of eating plane peanuts, instead of tossing the ball in the backyard his boy. Eating their customer ice cream after.)

Maybe there’s no fulfillment or adventure in their work anymore, and they hit the pillow every night wondering how they got where they are.

They thought they’d be an astronaut when they grew up, after all.

Maybe they’re pension is running dry and the see the writing on the wall… that they’ll have to rely on family and government to take care of them in their older years.

Again, mind share, right?

Start going down this path and you’ll be onto something good.

A plus is, you’re truly helping people in need. Pick a market, and give them the world.

Income will be a natural side-effect if you do this right, and focus on helping others solve their big hairy problems.

Hope this helps.
Rooting for you.

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Joseph Smith

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