Baby Steps To 10K Months…

Read on if you can “work” at least 4 hr days…

I firmly believe if you can work a 5-9 with a 9-5 mentality, you can EASILY get up to 10k months with your own online side business.

Maybe even less than that. But what’s cool about even getting there at 4 hours a day, is you can start at 5am, and be done for the day by 9am!

Or, you can sleep in till 9am, and be done by 1. Still 4 hours shorter than most of the folks grinding in cubicles and j-o-b-s around the globe.

If you’re a night person, you can play all day and start “working” your biz at 9pm etc.

It’s 100% up to you.
Nice perk, right?

Of course to get there, you may only be able to do this 1-2 hours a day, and that’s okay. Do whatever you can do!

Either way…

The challenge is doing it DAILY.

Not letting up when the income starts coming in…

(Not that you can’t have any free days.)

And during your work time? Nothing else enters that space.

That’s YOUR precious time where you’re not to be bothered by anything or anyone.

Otherwise, you’ll likely struggle. People may not respect your time. And you’ll end up working at all hours of the day instead of just a few. (like so, so many)

Some call this their Sacred Time.

Author, Cal Newport, calls it Deep Work. (Great book with the same title, by the way!)

The best writers on earth, NYT bestsellers,they do something similar. They all plant themselves in their seats and write, with the same time and ritual, every day, no matter what.

If you can do that?

===> And you can stick with this plan?

Then there’s no way on earth you shouldn’t be able to get to 6-figures soon, maybe very soon?

And yes, part-time.
Because, LIFESTYLE, right? 🙂

In your corner.





Joseph Smith

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