Little Guy’s Method To Beating The Gurus…

Just try this…

Envy isn’t a good thing, however, it can be hard at times to not look at what the big guys are doing, and want that too?

The big launches,the big numbers they’re throwing up, all shiny for us to see in the spotlight.

Yet, know this…

There’s a group of moms, pops, young and old, from all walks of life, making even more than many of these guys, QUIETLY year after year after year…

They like NOT being in the spotlight, in the center of attention. They’re too busy doing what they love.

*Playing with their kids or grandkids.
*Traveling the globe.
*Gardening, or learning the guitar.
*Whatever sets their soul on fire.

Sound crazy?

It’s not.

Here’s how they do it…

3X49 = 147
147×365 = 53,655

What do these numbers mean?

Well, let’s imagine an affiliate does a big launch, and after fees and everything, he earns $25,000+ over a week or two.

Not bad, right?

Except launches can be stressful, takes a lot of work, and requires a very particular set of skills.

So, back to the numbers…

Many have set up very simple little systems like the following that are running on near autopilot.

If they’re just making three $49 sales a day, that’s $147 a day, or $53,655 a year.

Stress free.


That’s only the front end of their sales.

With a system like I’m using (Or you can search and try to find something else that is a good fit for you) out of every 5-8 or so front end sales…

…You can be earning up to $10,000, again, in a hands-off type fashion. No crazy skills or launch schedule to hassle with.

Beat the big number “stats” to smithereens.

Well past the 6-figures mark. (That can be just your first milestone to hit with this method.)

It’s all about looking a few feet ahead. And seeing what’s possible with CONSISTENCY, just getting to a few daily sales, and ideally having premium offers on the back end.

That’s how the little guys beats the big guy day after day in this fun little business we’re in.

Let them do their thing, and we’ll do ours. 🙂

===> The perfect step by step system for this




Joseph Smith

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