The Language To Lifestyle And Freedom

Coming straight from the labs…

Do you live by a High Performance Credo or language?

There’s a coach that’s worked with many high achievers and “wanna-be” high achievers alike.

He’s got stacks of notebooks, folders bulging with discoveries and contrasts between the two.

The greatest distinction he found that’s made the difference between winner and loser?

Again… their LANGUAGE. Their frame of mind..

Let’s look at some of his scribbles and notes:

High Achievers he’d label OWNERS.

Those struggling and frustrated with their results he’d label VICTIMS.

*Owners used the words “I can” a lot, while victims favored “I can’t.”

*Owners had goals, projects, and challenges, while victims had problems, hassles, and nightmares.

*Owners said they were busy and victims said they were swamped.

*Owners were “designing a life” while victims were trying to “make a living.”

*Owners looked to see what they could get FROM an experience while victims tried to get THROUGH it.

*Owners would plan things and victims would wish things.


The link between people’s language and their success, was insane.

His greatest discovery was that when those struggling, started practicing this new language, they started getting the results they wanted in life too.

A crime to humanity is thinking you have a permanent personality or identity. A label for life. Stuck thinking, “That’s just who I am.”

True, the process may not be natural from day one, but it’s possible. And worth it.

Just like a baseball player who can learn to bat at the plate from left and the right.

A boxer can learn to throw a power punch from his weak hand. A righty can become a lefty.

A person can learn a new language.

You may not be “born” that way. But put the “new patterns” and “language” in place, then watch your world light on fire.

Same thing applies to building up to $10,000 per month, with your own internet based, lifestyle business.

Doesn’t have to be hard.

Just a different “language” and way of thinking, and with a solid plan to follow, and a willingness to begin, and stick with it, you can totally make this work for you like countless others have…

===> I’m ready to begin this exciting journey. I deserve this, and I’ll speak whatever language I need to get there…




Joseph Smith

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