They’ll Leave You And Buy From Your Competitor, If You Don’t Have This.

Consider this your GPS to bigger paydays…

Could you be holding your customers back?
And, be greatly limiting your income in the process?

Imagine a bus driver that only offers trips around the block.

Only costs a couple bucks.

Great value?

Sure. Many people only need to go down the corner, right?

However, what about the good people that want to experience travelling to another part of the country?

Now, you’re holding them back.
You’re limiting their experience.

Make sense?

So, here’s where many people are stabbing themselves in the foot when it comes to the potential income they could be making.

And they’re doing many of their customers a disservice in the process.

They’re only offering “drive around the block” services to their customers.

Now, this is usually in the form of an ebook, or some other lower priced offer. And for some?

That’s all they need.

Yet, just as you would chart out your journey if you were planning to drive across the country.

You will want to chart out your ideal customers’ journey as well.

What obstacles will they face?
How can you help them along the way?

For example, a course could show you how to get up to $10,000 per month in automated income.

However, there’s a LOT of steps to get that all set-up. Some will be willing to put in 2-3 years to get themselves there.

They’ll be willing to hire the teams, learn the tech and marketing skills that will allow them to reach their goal.

Others will want a shortcut on the journey.

They’d prefer to work less, use leverage, done for you offers, and strap themselves to an already successful brand and business.

And, they’ll want a certain “experience” along their trip.

Some are fine driving in an ‘83 Honda Accord with rusted metal and torn cloth seats. It’ll get them where they want to go just fine.

Others, prefer leather seats. An engine that purrs. Great company and support along the way.

And believe me…

If you don’t offer this service?

They’ll leave you, and all the hard work you put in to attract them to your business model, and they’ll go find and invest in someone that does.

What’s your ideal journey to creating the income and life you deserve?

What do you think it would be for your customers?

Hope this helps!

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Joseph Smith

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