Working More Than You Want To? Want To Work Far Less, And Soon

He fired and hired himself into a terrible job…

Here’s how to trade the 9-5 for a great lifestyle…


This is a question a guy asked recently on a popular online forum.

He’d “thought” he had quit the job force…

Yet, he was working 11 hour days, sacrificing the weekends and his social life. He had only one employee.

And he didn’t see his business or income growing anytime soon. (No surprise, as he said he didn’t even have an internet presence yet…)

One little mishap, like a piece of machinery inevitably breaking down, would put him into full panic attack mode.

Because it would mean him dipping into an entire year of his family’s savings.

Money he really couldn’t afford to give up.


His question.

Is it worth it? Or should I go back to the j-o-b, comes into play.

Here’s the thing…

He doesn’t have a business.

He quit a job, and hired himself into a job, but now all the pressure is on him. And he’s feeling the burn!

I truly feel for him.

He’s been doing this for FIVE YEARS!

That’s a lot of days he’ll never get back.

And yet, he can take all of this as a learning experience, and GROW from it if he decides to.

A critical mistake he likely made?

He didn’t build SYSTEMS into his business.

(A great book on this is The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.)

He didn’t START his business with a big enough WHY.


If you’re doing it for your kids, your mate, your lifestyle, for freedom and for yourself?!

Then you wouldn’t make decisions and choose a lifestyle and business that sacrifices all of that.

When things go sour the second or third week of working too much, and we’re letting our plate go cold at home night after night, we should stop right then and question what’s going on.

But we think it’ll end soon.

Then life happens.
We keep hoping it’ll get better.

We get “to that point” before we even realize it.

Yet when we DO realize it, and we’re aware?

It’s then up to us whether we continue on with the current journey, job, whatever we’re up to.


We build a powerful WHY we want to pursue something, we build a system to give it to us, and we let that why drive us forward to reach it.

That’s literally all it takes.


No books or hoo-rah seminars required.

If your kid or a loved one is held ransom, and they ask you to go do something you fear, like speaking on stage, or, to do something you’ve been putting off…

…And if you don’t, they’re a goner.

Would you need to go read a book on how to do that thing? No! Right?

You’d just go do it!

Because your WHY is strong enough for you to do anything. It’s not about needing motivation, knowledge, or anything else…

Results are all about movement.

Just doing it already.

It’s about the why.

Hope this makes sense, and truly helps you out on whatever journey you’re on.

And I’m not sure?


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Have a great one.

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Joseph Smith

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