What Will The Extra Income Truly Mean To You And Your Family?

Embrace the suck, and you’ll be well on your way to $10,000 months and beyond…

Not sure if you’re a runner or not…

But a Marathon is 26.2 miles.

It’s a constant on many people’s bucket lists.

I’d venture to say that not a single soul is ENJOYING mile #20 of a race?

And there’s likely a lot of moments leading up to the race they didn’t enjoy so much either, right?

The early morning long runs.

The sore legs and feet.

Sacrificing family time.

Rinse and repeat.

So why do so many want it? It’s the achievement! The accomplishment.

Crossing the finish line and getting the medal at the end.

Building a business can be very, VERY similar.

Expect there to be ups and downs. Moments of pain, and moments of pleasure.

Knowing it’s a part of the journey for everyone should help. It’s not just you.

Embrace the suck.
Push through the mile twenties.

What will make it worth all the effort?

Make sure the END GOAL is worth it to you. 100%.

It may be the extra income.

But WHAT will that income mean to you?

What will it allow you to do more fully?
What stresses will it help eliminate?


With that vision emblazoned across your mind…

Write it down.

Look at it every day.

Let it push you through the training, through the race, and straight through the finish line.

You’ve got this.

I’ve got your back.

And, if you’re looking for a solid plan to follow along and succeed with…

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Joseph Smith

Each day you’re not in the race running, is another day of missed income… When will you be ready to lace up your shoes and start jogging with me?

Right now you’re even getting your own coach.

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