Affiliate Commissions Too Small?(Then Try This)

Turns small paydays into “Oh my!” income.

If you’re busy as a bee, yet your daily paycheck isn’t where you want it to be?

Then I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a problem for you too.

(It will continue to be for many.)

Online business can be attractive for the amazing leverage it gives you.

The automation.

The push a button and watch sales roll in.

Yet, if your AUTOMATION isn’t getting you the cash flow you’re after, then you need to ensure that:

You’re applying leverage correctly.

Here’s what I mean…

A tractor can probably pull a couple tons of weight. Gives you a lot more leverage over hauling buckets in your hands, right?

However, if a guy has a goal to haul a lot of dirt, and he’s only loading up his tractor with 3 lbs. at a time?

Then he’s not using his “leverage” well.
He’s wasting a lot of time.

He could be getting a lot more with the same OR LESS effort.

Same applies online.

You could be sending 500 people a week to check out your offer. It could all be done nearly automated.

Yet, if you’ve only got $47 to $97 offers in your “buckets”?

Then you may not be applying the online leverage and the economics of this biz correctly.

Because you could be sending the same 500 people, yet this time, you could be hauling $10,000 sales in your bucket.

See the difference?
Now that’s applying leverage wisely!

And profitably.

There’s not a ton of ways to haul in more “dirt” without killing yourself to set it all up.

But I do know of a way…

===> If you don’t want to have to set it all up yourself but still want leverage for up to $10,000 paydays.

Our first goal will be to get your first $1k sale.




Joseph Smith

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