Wipes Out Fears You Don”t Deserve Big Paydays…

With this process, you’re rewiring your brain for wealth… Try this “baby steps” trick…

It’s (Joseph Smith),

It’s soooo easy to hop online and get overwhelmed by the huge results and income claims many are making to us.

Think about it…

If we’re accustomed to making $50k a year, it can be a huge stretch for our brains to fathom making $300k a year is even remotely possible.

Yet, we see RESULTS in the world that people are earning much more than that every day.

So we need to “play nice” with our brains somewhat. Otherwise, it may tell us “B.S.” and sabotage our success in doing something bigger and better for ourselves.

Make sense?

A tip…

Don’t go too far from your financial edge at one time. Up it in 20-30% chunks.


If you’re used to earning $4,000 a month, then set your first goal in your online side-business to hit $5,000 months.

Then when you’re hitting that, you can bump it up to $6k, $9k, $10k and so on…

That’s how you can go up, up, up the income ladder with minimal “brain” resistance. 🙂

Just remember the equation:

Financial Edge + 30% = More income/Less resistance


With this in mind, this DOES NOT mean your income will slowly increase, or that this will happen linearly like you may experience in a job.

Far from it!

The results can happen quickly.

In fact, notice this quote:

“No one has an obligation — moral, legal, or otherwise — to “work his way up through the ranks.” Every human being possesses an inalienable right to make a unilateral decision to redirect his career and begin operating on a higher level at any time that he, and he alone, believes he is ready.”
-Robert Ringer, Winning Through Intimidation

Powerful statement, isn’t it?

You have all the POWER to grow your income and life as quickly as YOU want. Whenever you are ready, it’s there waiting for you on the other side of focused action.


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Joseph Smith

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